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有国民党背景的工会KMT-influenced labour unions


行政院The Executive Yuan



Mr Soong, who most opinion polls say is neck and neck with Mr Chen and Mr Lien, said the markets were being manipulated by "financial groups with close ties to the KMT's top echelon.


Mr Soong was expelled for running as an independent in the presidential election in defiance of the party's wishes.


Mr Soong was formally booted out of the KMT last month for standing as an independent for the election next March against the party's wishes.


We shall pursue political stability and economic growth as our highest priority.


From various channels of intelligence, I have gathered information that the stock crash was due to manipulation by the KMT.

李远哲Lee Yuan-tseh

没有打算跟**断绝关系doesn't intend to sever ties with the KMT

防止台湾进一步向**倾斜stop the island tilting further towards independence

事实上的de facto (a)/(ad); The general took de facto control of the country./He continued to rule the country de facto.

两面夹击double-pronged attack

和内地官员私下会面have had private meetings with mainland officials

于总统选举中落败lost the presidency

阻止贿选deter corruption

前台湾省省长宋楚瑜former Taiwan governor James Soong Chu-yu

昨天就巨款一事换了一个说法shifted ground yesterday on what happened to the money

昨日操纵股市,令股市暴跌engineering yesterday's stocks plunge

某人有当总统的野心somebody has presidential ambitions

为**等敏感议题举行全民公投bring sensitive issues such as independence to a public vote

要求把他逐出党calling for his expulsion from the party

要求党主席李登辉立即辞职demanded Mr Lee's immediate resignation from the chairmanship


The resignation sent Taiwan's Weighted Index dropping 2.4 per cent to a 20-month low and the Taiwan dollar came under pressure.


特殊的自主权distinctive autonomous powers


Ministry of Finance(Taiwan)


Mr Ma may be one of the most popular men in Taiwan politics.

停建核四the Government's scrapping of the island's fourth nuclear power plant

做口号coin a slogan

副总统吕秀莲Vice-President Annette Lu Hsui-lien

国民大会National Assembly


**大老王作荣KMT party elder Wang Zuo-rong


Ministry of National Defence(Taiwan)

国亲联盟the Kuomintang-People First Party coalition/the KMT-PFP alliance

坚持到底persevere to the end

执行世代交替have a generation change

执政党ruling party

执政党民进党的竞选总部the campaign headquarters of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party


His appointment ended the era of Kuomintang (KMT) dominance over Taiwan politics as he became the first Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) stalwart to head the cabinet.

强调某人的一点underscore somebody's point

强调情况不及过往严重insist the situation was not as bad as in the past

控制立会大部分议席dominates the legislature

组成跨党派政府setting up a coalition governments

连战Lien Chan


President Chen should not have used the name issue as a campaign topic.

陈水扁枪击案真相the truth behind the shooting of Chen Shui-bian

最能贯彻李登辉路线can best implement the Lee line

就国家主权举行全民公投hold plebiscites on sovereignty

掌政五十五年后下台lost its 55-year grip on political power

提倡**的民进党the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)

提倡两岸统一的新党the pro-unification New Party



开除宋楚瑜六名亲信党藉revoked memberships of six aides close to Mr Soong

开除宋楚瑜党藉dismiss Mr Soong

黑金collusion between businessmen and politicians

新党主席郁慕明New Party Chairman Yok Mu-ming

会尝试促进民主派和中央政府沟通would help to improve communications between the democrats and Beijing

会继续强化台湾的本土情意结would continue to deepen the sense of Taiwanese ethnic identity

照顾蒋家后人take care of the family of former president Chiang Ching-kuo

对明年总统大选有影响have an impact on next year's presidential election

敌对阵营rival camps???

缔造廉洁的选举clean up elections

蒋介石Chiang Kai-shek

亲台的港九工团联合总会主席李国强Chairman of the pro-Taiwan Hong Kong and Kowloon Trades Union Council Lee Kwok-keung

亲民党主席宋楚瑜People First Party chairman James Soong Chu-yu

总统府外的凯达格兰大道Ketagalan Avenue in front of the Presidential Office


Presidential Office Secretary-General John Chang Hsiao-yen

总统候选人presidential candidate

举行大规模造势大会held mass rallies

槟榔西施betel nut girls/betel nut beauties

稳定金融市场restore stability to financial markets

让台湾可以加入国际舞台give the island access to international forums

「一国」是「两制」的前提"one country" was the premise of "two systems"


The implementation of the concept of 'one country, two systems' in Hong Kong and Macau has played and will continue to play an important examplary role for our eventual settlement of the Taiwan question.

2006年底前促成两岸直航promote the realisation of direct flights across the Taiwan Strait by the end of 2006


Flight CI-585 became the first commercial airliner from Taiwan to legally land on mainland soil since 1949, at the end of China's civil war.

一个主权独立的国家an independent, sovereign country

一国两制研究中心总裁邵善波Shiu Sin-por, the executive director of the One Country, Two Systems Research Institute


What they describe as interpretation of the Basic Law from the NPC is in fact making amendments to the Basic Law.


The NPC Standing Committee has already ruled out universal suffrage by 2007.

人大常委会法工委副主任李飞Li Fei, deputy director of the Legislative Affairs Commission under the Standing Committee

人大常委会副秘书长乔晓阳deputy secretary-general of the Standing Committee, Qiao Xiaoyang


The committee ruled that "subsequent to the year 2007" shall include the year 2007, and that the words "if there is a need to amend" means the methods of selecting the chief executive and Legco may or may not be amended.


We will give full support and will actively pursue anything which is beneficial to the stability and prosperity of Hong Kong and which is conducive to the mutual development of the SAR and the mainland.


The Hong Kong Bar Association agreed, saying Beijing was making law, not interpreting it.

干预香港事务meddling in Hong Kong affairs

不要屈服于中央政府压力not to bow to pressure from mainland leaders


Don't drag Hong Kong into water.???

不接受一中原则refuses to accept the one-China principle

不会接受一个中国原则would not accept the one-China principle


The overriding concern of the central government is to maintain the well-being of Hong Kong.


The central government considers this issue mainly from the perspective of maintaining Hong Kong's long-term prosperity and stability.


Central Government leaders have not previously commented on the issue.???


China is willing to wage war with Taiwan to prevent from declaring independence - whatever the cost.


Beijing had not ruled out using force to crush any attempts by the island to declare independence.


Beijing was not committed to abandoning the use of force in seeking unification with Taiwan.


Beijing was watching developments closely.


The Chinese Government and people are confident and capable of an early settlement of the Taiwan question and the complete national reunification.


The Macau SAR would be vested with executive, legislative and independent judicial power, including that of final adjudication.

中华港澳之友协会The Friends of Hong Kong & Macau Association


The explanation offered by Li Gang, vice-director of the central government's liaison office in Hong Kong, raises more questions than it answers.

公开表明香港不能宣传两国论speaking out against the promotion in Hong Kong of the "two states theory"

反分裂国家法anti-secession law

反映港人意愿reflect Hong Kong people's wishes

反对**opposed independence for Taiwan

反对任何台湾官员访美objects to any visits by Taiwanese officials to the United States

引人怀疑他正在为独立打下基础arouse suspicions that he is laying the groundwork for independence

引起中央不满prompted criticism from the mainland

支持**advocating independence for Taiwan


He dismissed concerns the decision would result in grave damage to Hong Kong's autonomy.


He was referring to Mr Tsang's comments that Democratic Party lawmakers Martin Lee Chu-ming, Szeto Wah and Cheung Man-kwong were unpatriotic because they led the opposition to the national security bill.

他是统派人物he favours eventual unification


They would not do anything to harm their country or Hong Kong.


He is viewed as a thorn in the relationship between the democrats and the central government.

令中国政府在政改过程的开始和结束都有否决权gave Beijing effective veto power at both ends of the reform process

令双方关系对等put the two sides on equal footing


The SAR's two top leaders yesterday reacted angrily to a warning from Beijing that business people should not trade with Taiwanese firms advocating independence.???

北京的傀儡a puppet of Beijing


Beijing warned Taiwan for the first time yesterday that refusal to negotiate on reunification could lead to military invasion.


Beijing yesterday signalled a significant softening in its Taiwan policy, inviting members of the island's ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to visit the mainland and calling for a new system to boost economic ties.


Beijing will interpret key provisions in the Basic Law on Hong Kong's democratic reforms, a move critics fear will undermine "one country, two systems" and pre-empt discussions on universal suffrage.

可免除特区政府尴尬would save the SAR Government embarrassment


Beijing's patience with Mr Tung had probably run-out.


As long as 'one China' is not a principle, but rather an item for discussion, there is nothing that couldn't be discussed in cross-strait dialogue.


As long as the official contacts, dialogue and negotiations were held under the principle of democracy, peace and equality, he was ready for the talks any time.

只会令界线更为模糊only blur the dividing lines even further

台商/台湾商人Taiwanese businesspeople


Taiwan should not pursue independence.


The Taiwan situation had suddenly intensified.

台湾问题Taiwan impasse/Taiwan Affairs

台湾陆委会企划处长詹志宏Jan Jyh-horng, director of the Department of Planning and Research at Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council

台湾陆委会副主委陈明通Chen Ming-tong, vice-chairman of the island's Mainland Affairs Council


Taiwan indefinitely delayed negotiations aimed at reuniting with the mainland.

台湾关系法Taiwan Relations Act

四大护法four "legal guardians"

外交部法律顾问兼前基本法草委邵天任Shao Tianren, a legal adviser to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a mainland drafter of the Basic Law

平稳过渡smooth transition

必须爱国爱港must love the motherland and Hong Kong

未有透过已有机制通知香港政府had failed to notify the Hong Kong government through the established mechanism


The future methods for electing Hong Kong's chief executive and Legco members must be beneficial to consolidating the executive-led political system and the even participation by different sectors in Hong Kong.

正密切留意本港发展were closely watching developments in Hong Kong


The Democrats described it as a "catastrophic blow" to "one country two systems".

由人大常委会根据香港实际情况和循序渐进的原则来决定shall be decided upon by the Standing Committee on the basis of the actual situation in Hong Kong and the principle of gradual and orderly progress


The most immediate question is whether to schedule direct flights in time for the Lunar New Year holidays in February.


Anyone who participated in any action aiming at subverting the central government or changing the socialist system on the mainland would be regarded as failing to uphold and abide by the Basic Law and contravening the "one country, two systems" principle.

全民公决决定是否独立a referendum on formal independence

全国人大常委National People's Congress Standing Committee member

全国人大常委会法制工作委员会副主任李飞Li Fei, vice-chairman of the Legal Affairs Commission under the National People's Congress Standing Committee

全国政协常委Standing Committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference


The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress - the nation's top legislature - will give its interpretations of Article 7 of Annex I and Article 3 of Annex II of the mini-constitution at its meeting from next Friday to April 6.

向北京示意和解offered an olive branch to Beijing

回归后after the reversion of sovereignty

回归后的头几年/主权移交后的头几年in those early years after the handover

回归祖国was reunited with the Motherland

在「九二共识」下和内地对话hold talks with the mainland on the basis of the "1992 consensus"


Such talks would be held on an equal footing under the "1992 consensus".

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