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宣布和中国的TCL成立合资企业announced a joint venture with China's TCL

客户服务中心customer service centre


Many are near insolvency.

指该公司只是在放烟幕dismissed the company's move as a smokescreen


The Government projected recurrent revenue would be able to cover recurrent expenditure from the second year.


The feasibility study underlines CLP's latest efforts to penetrate further into the mainland power market.

是富亚的大股东held majority shares in Asia Ford

流动资产current asset


省悟及纠正错误sees the error of its way and reverses course

美国商会主席詹康信American Chamber of Commerce chairman James Thompson

要求更高质素的服务demanding higher standards of service

重组the restructuring

重整业务,把部分业务迁往内地运作is restructuring through relocation of operations to the mainland

面临倒闭face collapse

香港女工商及专业人员协会Hong Kong Women Professionals and Entrepreneurs Association

香港工业总会Federation of Hong Kong Industries

香港中小型企业联合会Hong Kong Small and Medium Business Association

香港中小型企业联合会会长畲继标Justin Yip, chief executive of the Hong Kong Smaill and Medium Business Association

香港中文大学创业研究中心The Chinese University of Hong Kong's Center for Entrepreneurship

香港中国企业协会Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association

香港中华厂商联合会Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong

香港出口商会Hong Kong Exporters' Association


Hong Kong must integrate with the delta to stay competitive with northern and eastern China.


Hong Kong permanent residents can open retail shops anywhere in the mainland.

香港管理人员专业协会The Hong Kong Management Association

香港管理专业协会Hong Kong Management Association

香港总商会General Chamber of Commerce, HK

香港总商会总裁翁以登Eden Woon, head of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce

借贷成本borrowing costs

倒闭边缘on the verge of collapse


Rising material costs have eroded profit margins.

家族企业family concerns/family businesses/family-run organizations


核心业务core businesses

消费习惯consumption customs

海外市场overseas markets

留下来任集团顾问remain a consultant to the group

破产go bankrupt

租金开支和劳工成本上升increases in rental expenses and labour costs


财政上的可行性financial viability

财务长chief financial officer (CFO)

高级经理senior managers

干货摊位dry goods stalls

做宣传run promotions


商界the business community/the business sector


Shopping malls and restaurants are once again teeming with people.

商业上的死对头commercial bete noire

商业策略business strategy

商机business opportunities


国内市场/本地市场/本土市场domestic market

国际金融中心international financial hub

专业意见professional advice

常客regular customers

帐面值book value

得到在中国做生意的甜头gain business favour from the mainland

淡季low season

清盘had gone into liquidation


Competition from across the border is eating away at local retail trade.

现代汽车Hyundai Motor

现正出售海外资产减债currently divesting its overseas assets to cut debt


The original iMac, which launched in May 1998, sparked a 400% Apple-stock surge during the next two years, and has sold more than 6 million units.

船王包玉刚shipping magnate Sir Yue-kong Pao

处于破产受管状态were forced into receivership

被用作商业用途was used for commercial purposes



This would be meddling in the market.

通用电器General Electric


MTRC's advertising income declined in the first half this year as advertisers further tightened their belts in Hong Kong's fifth year of deflation.


Fubon also has plans to take on the Chinese insurance market.

富商wealthy businessmen/rich businessmen

富豪排行榜rich list

寻求商机explore investment opportunities


Even conservative estimates put the net economic benefit at between $80 billion and $128 billion.

几乎破产nearly went bankrupt


提议订立公平竞争法proposed making a law on fair competition

期望新政策能带来更多生意expected the new policy would bring more business

减少在香港的投资ease back on his investment plans in Hong Kong

减低呆坏帐比率lowering the ratio of bad loans

减低营运成本cutting operating costs

减债reduce debt

无形资产intangible asset

着重客户服务,吸引大量顾客emphasizes customer service to bring in crowds

进出口公司import-export company

进出口商人an import-export merchant

进军大陆市场crack the China market

开生意高峰会/大谈生意hold a business summit

黄金年代the golden era

黄金熟食档the largest and most prominent fast-food stall

传统基金主席费勒the Heritage Foundation president Edwin Feulner


业务重心转移到信息科技与通讯业changed it focus to IT and communications

极佳的机会unrivalled opportunity

照管商店tending shop

节省成本行动cost-trimming act

节省成本计划cost-cutting plan

经济自由指数the Annual Index of Economic Freedom


经营环境operating environment


The company has linked the bonus to profit performance.

跨国企业transnational corporations

较热衷赚快钱,他们会在内地复制在其它地方已证明行之有效的投资方式more interested in making a quick profit by duplicating on the mainland what's already proven a safe investment elsewhere

预期在第四季生意转差expect business conditions to deteriorate in the last quarter of the year

鼓吹企业改革的人士corporate-reform activists

搵快钱make a fast buck


Computer makers like Dell are responding to slowing sales by leaping into new arenas.

对生意并不乐观was not optimistic about his business prospects

对某事物造成阴影cast a shadow on something

对该汽车制造商有深远的影响could have serious repercussions for the carmaker



管理顾问公司management counsultancy

综合消费物价指数Composite Consumer Price Index

维持香港国际金融中心的地位the maintenance of Hong Kong's status as an international financial centre

维园年宵摊位stalls at the Victoria Park Lunar New Year fair

与某人达成口头协议made a verbal agreement with somebody


Manufacturing industries have been able to relocate from high-cost to low-cost locations.

增加了营商成本had raised the cost of doing business

广告客户advertising clients

憧憬国内零售市场hopeful at the prospects for the mainland retail market

敌对公司a rival firm

暂停营业14天suspend trading for 14 days


U.S. and European companies are now facing high-quality, low-cost competition from overseas.


尽可能提高透明度achieve a high degree of transparency

担心他的头号对手会在该区称霸saw the danger that its arch rival might become the region's dominant player

整顿企业文化overhaul the corporate culture

融资计划financing plans

输给某公司,市场占有率不断下降continue to lose market share to somebody


The market for back-office systems is rapidly maturing.

选择家族以外的人接班choose someone outside the bloodline to take his place

吓人的支出scary costs

吓跑外资deter foreign investment


Prosecutors froze a 44% stake in Yukos.

营运设备及器材信贷保证基金额Business Installations and Equipment Loan Guarantee Scheme


环球香港商业协会联盟The Federation of Hong Kong Business Associations Worldwide

觊觎大陆庞大的市场eyeing the mainland's big market

避免实时破产saves somebody from immediate bankruptcy

隐瞒一百八十亿元的债务concealed $18 billion in debt

简化发牌程序simplifying licensing procedures


The long-awaited deal was clinched after seven months of negotiations ended at 3 am yesterday.

庞大的内销市场an enormous internal market

签下授权协议signed licensing agreements

签约仪式signing ceremony


宝贵资源precious resources

顾问公司consultancy firms


正在和星加坡电讯商讨合并事宜has been negotiating with Singapore Telecommunications over a possible merge

向对手进行敌意收购makes a hostile bid for a rival firm/pushing a hostile bid to take over rival-business software firm


收购香港电讯的股份acquiring a stake in the telecoms company


But this is not a marriage made in heaven.

宣布两家(铁路)公司可能合并announced a possible merger of the two operators


It would offer one of its shares plus up to $9 cash for every HKT share.


CyberWorks was said to have proposed two offers valuing HKT at between $277.7 billion and $295.6 billion.

刚和另一竞争对手达成十七亿美元的合并案had just successfully negotiated a $1.7 billion merger deal with another rival

将会向母公司收购更多资产was about to acquire more assets from its parent firm


被某人收购be taken over by somebody

透过收购行动扩展业务expansion through acquisition

买下规模较小的竞争对手snapping up smaller competitors


News Corp said it would take a four per cent stake in SingTel. The companies would formed a partnership to develop broadband Internet and wireless business in Asia, they said.

禁止外国公司收购意大利银行bar foreign takeovers of Italian banks


This is the era of consolidtion in computerland.


The transaction is likely to have major repercussions for both industries and Time Warner stocks soared on the announcement.


The KCRC yesterday beat rival MTRC to the $26 billion contract to build and run the new rail link between Sha Tin and Central.


Bidding closed today.

公开招标过程an open tendering process

出价都很吸引had submitted very competitive bids


Last year, the government said it was committed to the project and intended to put it out to tender to the private sector.

用作投标put out to tender


The Mass Transit Railway Corporation lodged a lower bid of $23 billion, but its tender asked for three pieces of land from the Government for property development and proposed 15 per cent higher passenger fares on full journeys.


Liberal Party leader James Tien Pei-chun also said the single-developer approach was not the only option.

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