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符合基本法对该职位的国籍要求to fulfil the nationality requirement for the post under the Basic Law

被封爵was knighted

被强制休假was forced to go on involuntary leave

通过自然流失和自动退休,务求在二零零六至零七年度把公务员编制数目减少一成cutting the civil service establishment by 10% by 2006-2007 through natural wastage and normal retirement


Some people who are currently in positions of power do not meet the prerequisite to be rulers of Hong Kong.

部长制ministerial system


There was no one suitable in the department.


Mrs Chan retires as Chief Secretary for Administration at the end of the month and will be succeeded by Financial Secretary Donald Tsang Yam-kuen.


Senior officials must have heaved a sigh of collective relief after the Court of Final Appeal ruled last week that the government could cut civil servants' salaries by legislation.


减少公务员数目slash the size of the civil service

无私to be selfless with no personal motives

华员会会长黄河Chinese Civil Servants' Association president Peter Wong Hyo

贬低杨医生的任命的行政重要性played down the political significance of Dr Yeoh's appointment

超时津贴overtime allowance

塑造团结形象create an image of unity

会全力协助主席交接时的过渡工作would fully support the handover of chairmanship

会继续秉承优良传统will follow their fine traditions


署理津贴acting allowance

聘请公务员队伍以外人士picking people from outside the civil service


达到60岁的退休年龄reaches the retirement age of 60

尝试跟职员理论tried to reason with the officers

对高官离职表示关注expressed concerns over the departure of senior officials from the civil service

屡行做某事的诺言fulfill one's promise to do something

屡行责任fulfill one's obligation

监督职级supervising posts

维持中立maintained a neutral stance

银紫荆星章Silver Bauhinia Star

铜紫荆星章Bronze Bauhinia Star

废除职位scrap the post

熟悉政府运作is familiar with the operations of the government



It is Ip's hair that is most frequently caricatured.

尽量把民意归向自己try their best to steer public opinion their way

应专注手头上的工作should be focusing on the work in hand

擦鞋文化'shoe-shining' culture

隐藏辞职的真正原因conceal the real reason of his resignation

简化调配和解雇人手的程序simplify redeployment and redundancy of staff


Mr Kwong denied his departure was due to political pressure.

继任某人出任某职位succeed somebody as something


'decent old man'

一定不可以有外国居留权must not have any right of abode abroad


Mr Tung is frequently criticised for not taking public opinion into account.

升上神台step up and sit back

反董连任大联盟Coalition Against Secord Term

引领香港走歪路leading Hong Kong in the wrong direction

支持特首连任supported Tung Chee-hwa seeking a second term as Chief Executive/support Tung Chee-hwa serving a second term as Chief Executive


Any proposed amendments must aim at consolidating the executive-led system headed by the chief executive and must not deviate from this principle of design.


He has made the best use of his position as acting chief executive to talk to people on the street.


His term expires at the end of June 2002.


He strongly criticised the democrats for being ambiguous over the anti-Tung issue.


His biggest regret was not being able to finish the second term.

令公众对他的管治能力失去信心caused the public to lose confidence in his governance


Only one in every five people believe Tung Chee-hwa should run for a second term as Chief Executive.


People's desire for Mr Tung to quit had not lessened.

市民对政府满意程度the level of public satisfaction with the Government's performance

未能关注市民诉求failing to respect people's views

末代港督彭定康last governor Chris Patten

正式担任署理特首formally assumed his position as acting chief executive


People's dissatisfaction will continue to accumulate and spread like an epidemic in the community.

民怨会日深public grievances would continue to deepen

民意取向令(官员)遭人取笑being pilloried in the court of public opinion


Mr Tien pledged his party's support for Mr Tung for a second term.

由八百人组成的选举委员会选出is picked by an 800-member election committee

任期长度the term's length


2008 was the latest date for the introduction of full universal suffrage.

向富商屈服bow to pressure from rich businessmen

在2008年进行全民普选have full universal suffrage by 2008


Liberal Party chairman and executive councillor James Tien Pei-chun said he was concerned that there was widespread discontent in Hong Kong society.

自动当选连任行政长官一职re-elected uncontested for a second term

行政长官选举条例The Chief Executive Election Ordinance


Mr Ho openly expressed his support on Thursday for Mr Tsang.


But he remained tight-lipped on whether he would run for a second term.

完成董建华的余下任期seeing out the rest of Mr Tung's second five-year term


I have decided not to take part in the by-election of the chief executive in July.

改变他的管治方式changed his style of governance


As the chief executive, he should reflect the views to Beijing.


The popularity of Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa has plunged to a historic low, a new poll released on Monday found.

承诺会支持pledged their support

拒绝立即表态支持refused to pledge support immediately

明白市民诉求understood the people's aspirations

表示不会参选特首ruled himself out of the chief executive race

勇于承担责任has the courage to take responsibility


The Chief Secretary was an ideal candidate to be the territory's next Chief Executive.


Chief Secretary Donald Tsang Yam-kuen will step in as acting chief executive.


Suspicion towards Mr Tsang remains strong in business and political quarters, particularly in the pro-Beijing camp.

施政上未有提供市民参与渠道providing no channel for the public to take part in policy making

要求和董建华面谈asked for a face-to-face meeting with Tung Chee-hwa

要求董建华下台called for the downfall of Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa/urged Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa to step down

述职duty visit

香港大学民意研究计划the University of Hong Kong's Public Opinion Programme

原则上同意本港在2008年进行全面普选agreed in principle that Hong Kong should have universal suffrage by 2008

挽回日益下降的民望restore dwindling public trust


The Chief Executive cited problems with his health as the main reason for his resignation.

特首可以由全民普选产生the Chief Executive could be returned by universal suffrage


The chief executive is pre-ordained by the central government.

特首董建华Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa

特首热门人选chief executive hopefuls

特首办the Chief Executive's office

缺乏方向lacks direction

缺乏处理危机能力failed to act quickly in a crisis

侧重商界利益gave undue weight to the views of the influential business community


The Basic Law provides for popular election of the Chief Executive and full universal suffrage of the legislation after 2007.

接任董建华余下的两年任期take over for the remaining two years of Mr Tung's term


At issue is whether Tung Chee-hwa's successor should serve a five-year term until 2010 or merely see out the remainder of Mr Tung's term until 2007.


it revealed Mr Tung's ''mistrust in civil servants''

透露治港蓝图unveil his blueprint for ruling Hong Kong

部分平息了市民对政府的愤怒dissipating some of the public anger levelled at the administration


提升民望boost his popularity

提名委员会nominating committee


Both Mr Tsang and Mr Tang are tipped as forerunners in the race for the next chief executive.


Mr Tsang would assume Mr Tung's duties.


The Hong Kong government announced yesterday that the new chief executive will serve only a two-year term.

测试曾荫权的领导才能和忠诚度test the leadership qualities and loyalty of Mr Tsang


The focus will shift to a game of who's who in the next administration.

无意成为特首/无意角逐特首一职had no intention of becoming chief executive


会加强董建华政府的危机感would deepen the sense of crisis within the Tung administration


Tung only knows how to say good morning.


There may be uncertainties about Tung Chee-hwa's political future in Hong Kong.


Mr Tung has made a lot of contributions to Hong Kong during the past seven years.


Mr Tung refused to comment on rumours surrounding his resignation.


Mr Tung's five-year term ends in June 2000.


Mr Tung's popularity sank to an all-time low after the July protests.

董建华国家领导人的身份Mr Tung's national-leader status

董赵洪娉Betty Tung Chiu Hung-ping

较早前被视为角逐第二届特首的热门人选was earlier tipped to be a contender in the next chief executive election


The groups collected more than 30000 signatures in favour of universal suffrage.

对他的能力失去信心is losing faith in his ability


Dissatisfaction towards the Government remained high at 53 per cent, compared to the 39 per cent for those satisfied.

对政府失去信心lose confidence in the Government

对董特首不满have grievances about Mr Tung


Those "very dissatisfied" with Mr Tung had surged from eight per cent in April last year to 17 per cent last month.

维护行政长官的权威uphold Mr Tung's authority

蜜月期the honeymoon period

认为港府管治能力不及格think the SAR administration failed to govern Hong Kong effectively last year

影响市民信心harm public confidence

罢免特首removed the chief executive from office

赋予中央权力无限制地罢免行政长官giving Beijing unlimited power to remove the next chief executive

质疑「商人治港」的做法remain sceptical over the scenario of businesspeople ruling Hong Kong

选择与民为敌chooses to be an enemy of the people


The Election Committee was to have voted in a secret ballot on the next chief executive on March 24.


In less than two weeks, Chief Executive Donald Tsang Yam-kuen will present his first policy address.


Everybody has their own style of doing things.

人口结构population structure

三人工作小组the three-person taskforce

工作报告work report

已被分化的美国大众the polarised US public

不要对负面新闻念念不忘stop dwelling on bad news


The central government will listen to the opinions of the community.

中英联合声明Sino-British Joint Declaration

中区政府合署Central Government Offices

中期报告an interim report


remains a powderkeg

内部事项an internal matter

内部委员会an internal committee

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