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渔农自然护理署Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department

渔农自然护理署署长陈镇源Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Mr Thomas Chan Chun-yuen

管理参议署Management Services Agency

管理参议署署长麦国贤Director of Management Services Mr John MacRae

网上投资者资源中心Electronic Investor Resources Centre

辅警总监郭志舜Commandant Mr Arthur Kwok Chi-shun

审计署Audit Commission

审计署署长陈彦达Director of Audit Mr Dominic Chan Yin-tat

广播事务管理局Broadcasting Authority

广播处长朱培庆Director of Broadcasting Mr Chu Pui-hing

影视及娱乐事务处Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority

影视及娱乐事务处处长陈育德Commissioner for Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority Mr Eddy Chan Yuk-tak

卫生署Department of Health

卫生署署长陈冯富珍医生Director of Health Dr Margaret Chan Fung Fu-chun

卫生福利及食物局Health, Welfare and Food Bureau

卫生福利及食物局局长周一岳Secretary for Health, Welfare and Food York Chow Yat-ngok

卫生福利及食物局常任秘书长尤曾家丽Permanent Secretary for Health, Welfare and Food Mrs Carrie Yau Tsang Ka-lai

学生资助办事处Student Finance Assistance Agency

学生资助办事处监督韦冠文Controller Mr James Willis

机电工程署Electrical and Mechanical Services Department

机电工程署署长黎仕海Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services Mr Roger Lai Sze-hoi

机管局主席冯国经Authority chairman Victor Fung Kwok-king

选举事务处Registration & Electoral Office

选举管理委员会Electoral Affairs Commission

优质教育基金Quality Education Fund

环境保护署Environmental Protection Department

环境保护署署长罗乐秉Director of Environmental Protection Mr Robert Law

环境食物局局长任关佩英Secretary for Environment and Food Lily Yam Kwan Pui-ying

环境运输及工务局Environment, Transport and Works Bureau

环境运输及工务局局长廖秀冬Secretary for the Environment, Transport and Works Dr Sarah Liao Sau-tung

环境运输及工务局常任秘书长(运输及工务)李承仕Permanent Secretary for the Environment, Transport and Works (Transport and Works) Mr Lee Shing-see

环境运输及工务局常任秘书长(环境)刘吴惠兰Permanent Secretary for the Environment, Transport and Works (Environment) Mrs Rita Lau Ng Wai-lan

总选举事务主任李荣Chief Electoral Officer Mr Li Wing

临时建造业统筹委员会Provisional Construction Industry Co-ordination Board

职业安全健康局Occupational Safety and Health Council

职业训练局Vocational Training Council

医院管理局Hospital Authority

医疗辅助队Auxiliary Medical Service

医疗辅助队总参事陈耀荣Chief Staff Officer Mr Chan Yiu-wing

惩教署Correctional Services Department

惩教署署长伍静国Commissioner of Correctional Services Mr Ng Ching-kwok

证券及期货事务监察委员会Securities and Futures Commission

警务处Hong Kong Police

警务处处长曾荫培Commissioner of Police Mr Tsang Yam-pui


Of the 11 ministers, five are new faces hand-picked by Mr Tung from outside the civil service. The other six are incumbent policy secretaries who will leave the bureaucracy to become political appointees.

十一名问责局长11 principal officials with portfolios

三名司长three senior principal officials


Maybe he should resign in the spirit of accountability in Hong Kong.


He would not rule out being appointed to Exco again after the Legco elections next year.


He declined to say whether he had become a victim under the accountability system.


They demanded that Secretary for Commerce, Industry and Technology John Tsang Chun-wah apologise for presenting what they said was inaccurate information to the public, or resign if he had deliberately misled people.

令问责制破产/蒙羞made a mockery of the accountability system

加强主要官员在不同政策范畴承担的责任strength the accountability of principal officials in their respective policy areas

加强问责enhance accountability

各问责局长the Principal Officials


Under our system, the only way in which they can demonstrate accountability is to quit.


If the chief executive finds me at fault, there are procedures in place whereby he can ask me to resign or decide on other punishment.


Also, the replacement had to be someone who did not mind being a transitional figure, serving only the two years and nine months that remain of Mr Tung's second term.


Liberal Party legislator Selina Chow Liang Shuk-yee said Mr Tien had ''no choice'' but to quit Mr Tung's cabinet. This was because the Liberal Party and the Government had adopted a different stance on Article 23, she explained.


Executive Councillor James Tien Pei-chun last night announced that he had resigned from Tung Chee-hwa's cabinet after his calls to delay the national security bill were rejected.


I considered it seriously for two days and two nights.


The first thing on my mind was to get the whole thing under control as soon as possible. Other things were immaterial.


I don't have any ill-feeling towards them.

找人问责apportioning blame

官员的问责性accountability of officials

表明不会容忍各部长和部门各怀鬼胎made clear "sectarianism" among ministers and departments would not be tolerated

建立一个制度和文化,就是政府官员要负上政治责任build a system and culture of political accountability

建立更完善的问责制度improve the system of accountability

政治任命官员political appointees

为沙士的悲伤负责atone for sorrow over Sars

为其政策的成败直接向行政长官问责be answerable to the Chief Executive for the success or failure of their policies

首次提出加强司级、局级主要官员的问责制度committed for the first time to a system to improve the accountability of policy secretaries


Hong Kong entered a new era of political development yesterday as Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa unveiled his new cabinet with a pledge to lead a more open, enlightened and progressive government.

能为某人开脱罪名/免除责任exonerate somebody

逃避问责is avoiding accountability

问责制accountability system

常任秘书长civil service permanent secretaries


he was called "shameless" by one family at Amoy Gardens


Ministers will all be given a term of five years to dovetail with Mr Tung's beginning from next Monday, when they will be sworn in at the fifth anniversary ceremony of the handover, which is expected to be attended by President Jiang Zemin.

会为他的管治注入新思维would inject new thinking into his governance

会为维港巨星汇事件负责would take the responsibility for the event


Dr Yeoh was the third minister under Mr Tung's new ministerial system to resign under public pressure.

落实问责制精神reflect the spirit of the accountability system

对港人更负责is more accountable to the people of Hong Kong

愿意辞职以示问责was willing to resign as a show of accountability

(廉署)的第三把交椅the agency's third-highest official


Dr Yeoh, 53, will be the second "outsider" to head a policy bureau, following Secretary for Justice Elsie Leung Oi-sie.


Once you get in, you'll never think about leaving.

一度被认为是局长的接班人had been expected to step up to the commissioner's job

八名局长级官员eight director-level officials

大幅减少津贴slash allowances

大紫荆勋章the Grand Bauhinia Model

工程监工work supervisors

工业贸易署署长何铸明Kevin Ho, Director-General of Trade and Industry

不再屡行做某事的诺言withdraw one's commitment to do something

不利于公务员稳定性destabilise the civil service

不熟悉该部门的运作was unfamiliar with the department's operation

中央指责她未有全力支持特首have been rebuked by Beijing for not giving enough support to Mr Tung

互相多了解more mutual understanding

公务员的晋升机会civil servants' promotion prospects


The political neutrality of the civil service should be kept intact.

公务员薪酬制度the pay scale of the civil servants

公务员体制civil service

反映某人缺乏领导才能shows the lack of leadership of somebody

太平绅士Justices of the Peace

文职人员civilian stuff

以署理特首的身分in her capacity as Acting Chief Executive

他上任后的首份施政报告his first report on the work of the government


His popularity rating remains among the lowest of any government minister.


He said claims that their friendship turned sour over the battle for the top post were groundless.

令他处事不客观compromise his objectivity

出任高官长达二十年has spent 20 years in top government posts

出席簿attendance book

出现断层had not planned a successor

加入公务员队伍joined the civil service

加入政府join the civil service

召开紧急会议hold an emergency meeting

外勤工作人员outdoor staff

打击员工士气hit staff morale

用人唯才recruited on the basis of intellectual ability

由政务官出任纪律部队首长an administrative officer parachuting into a top disciplined serviced post

由特首指定继任人选handpicked by the Chief Executive


Legislators yesterday voiced fears of a slow-down in civil service reform with the transfer of Mr Lam.

任劳任怨do with no complaints

任期届满、让位stepped down

全面暂停招聘公务员freeze civil service recruitment across the board

向不能藉投票要求下台的政府官员泄愤vent frustration at public officials who cannot be voted out of office

合作愉快have a cordial working relationship

在她任内during her tenure

在她任内最后一天说道said on her last day at the department

在某方面有丰富的经验has wide experience in something

成为政务司司长reach the top of the civil service

有累积假期is owed leave

有权立法减薪has the power to legislate a reduction in civil servants' pay

自小学时已是朋友have been friends since primary school

自此以后在政府里步步高升has since worked his way up the bureaucratic ladder

行政会议非官方成员non-official members of the Executive Council/Executive Council members without portfolio

行政经验administrative experience

助理督察assistant inspector

否认自己如传言所指般和某人不和denied rumours of a rift with somebody

局长级官员directorate grade officers

希望2007年任期届满后告老归田would like to become a farmer when his term ends in 2007

希望由内部晋升a wish for internal promotion


I believe he is the right person.

找到替补人选find a replacement

没有违反基本法第100条does not breach Article 100 of the Basic Law


Both men refused to disclose what had been discussed.

委任宗教领袖出任政府高职appointing religious leaders to top government positions

延迟退休move back her retirement date

房屋津贴tenancy allowance/housing allowance/rental allowance

招聘公务员以外人才担任局长/空降局长appoint people from the private sector to senior posts

抨击该任命fight the appointment

放弃美籍give up his US passport

于1971年获升为政务官was promoted to administrative officer in 1971

直属上司immediate boss

金紫荆星章Gold Bauhinia Star


宣誓就职swearing in/to take the oath of office

持有加拿大护照hold a Canadian citizenship

指令退休directed to retire


政府主任职系administrative officer (A.O.)


Dr Yeoh's appointment will be on a three-year contract on D8 pay scale.

政府高官highly placed members of the administration

政府高官班底the top echelons of government

政治技巧political skills

是她的热门接任人选is tipped to succeed her

为十八万公仆之首heads the 180,000-strong Civil Service

负责中英联合声明overseeing the implementation of the Sino-British Joint Declaration

香港政府华员会Chinese Civil Servants' Association, HK

个别官员individual officials

送货队delivery team

退休官员retired officials

退休高官retired senior officials

高级公务员senior public servants

高级管工senior foreman

基本职级公务员basic rank staff

培育人员groomed our staff

将工作放在首位put work as the top priority


得到特首挽留is asked by the Chief Executive to stay on

从商界吸纳人才进政府bringing in talent from the private sector into government

推行第二轮自愿退休计划launch the second phase of the Voluntary Retirement Scheme


Mr Leung's portfolio will be handled temporarily by Secretary for Economic Development and Labour Stephen Ip Shu-kwan.

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