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他们私下的性行为their private sexual conduct


He never explicitly acknowledged his homosexuality.

令人性兴奋的照片titillating pictures

充气娃娃/**娃娃inflatable partners/sex dolls

北姑、内地妓女mainland prostitutes

召妓visited a prostitute

叫床声sexual moans

四仔、四级片category four, or hard-core, pornography

同志刊物gay newsletter


同意有性行为consented to sex

在她体内射精ejaculate inside her

在那男子身上滴蜡时when hot wax was dripped on a man


Girls were more open than boys about sex.

在性生活中采取主动take the initiative in their sex life

在第三者面前发生性行为have sex in the presence of a third party




She's a farm girl who has been in the sex game for only two weeks.

成人用品商店adult stores

成人玩具adult toys


Chan gave only a brief statement, saying that if Elaine Ng Yi-lei's child turned out to be his, he would act responsibly.


自慰/手淫practised self-love

色情内容pink content

色情架步/色情场所vice premises/vice establishment


色情照片pornographic images

色情网站pornographic website


把问题归咎于香港的性教育不足blame it on poor sex education in Hong Kong

每次口交获十万元报酬was offered $100,000 for each oral sex act

没有性欲has no libido

男同性恋者male homosexuals


肛交sodomy (n)

和他大被同眠shared a bed with him

和伴侣进行安全性行为practised safe sex with partners

和某人口交performed oral sex on somebody

性工作者sex workers

性幻想erotic fantasies

性生活sex life

性生活随便having casual sex

性交对象sex object

性伴侣sexual partners

性取向sex/sexual orientation

性玩具love toys

性虐待sado-masochistic/sadomasochistic acts


性倾向sexual proclivities

性需要sexual needs

性欲libido; loss of libido


性关系很随便are very casual about sexual relationships


于网页发放妓女相片displayed photographs of prostitutes on the Web site


A fire broke out on Monday in a Mongkok building where various prostitution rings were located.


Nearly half approve of premarital sex and nearly one in five think that extramarital sex is acceptable.


建立正确的性观念build up the right attitude towards sex


The sex trade in Cambodia expanded in the early 1990s.


红灯区red-light district

缺乏性知识the lack of sex knowledge

记忆所及中同类事件中的最大丑闻the biggest scandal of its kind in recent memory

接受妓女的免费性服务accepting free sex from prostitutes

掩人耳目escape detection

扫黄行动anti-vice raids

淫亵及不雅物品obscene and indecent articles


Current sex education rarely touches on sexual techniques.


第二性征secondary sexual characteristics


Most men here don't like wearing condoms, and the girls can't afford to turn away customers.

几近全裸的女郎scantily clothed women

提升女性的性欲increase secual desire in women

替他按摩give him a massage

无上装女郎topless girls

发现一对男女在床上全身赤裸found a man and a woman completely naked in bed

进行同性恋活动perform homosexual acts

开始和成克杰亲热began an intimate relationship with Cheng

仅有一条毛巾蔽体wearing nothing but a towel

感到下体湿润felt her groin becoming moist

经营色情架步而被捕were rounded up for managing a vice establishment

违反逗留条件而被捕were arrested for breach of condition of stay

电话召来的妓女/应召女郎call girl


对性有心理障碍have psychological problems associated with sex

对性事变得较为开放had become more liberal in sexual matters

福群妇女权益会The Hong Kong Association for the Survivors of Women Abuse (Kwan Fook)

与男友揽揽锡锡kissing and hugging her boyfriend


堕进桃色陷阱fell into a love trap

慰安妇women forced into sexual slavery by the imperial army/the comfort women who were used as sex slaves

模仿色情影片中的女角imitate actresses of pornographic films

**集团prostitution ring

**网站a Web site selling sex


浓妆艳抹的小姐painted women


滥交的女人scarlet woman

滥发双程证are abusive in issuing these permits

雏妓underage prostitutes

露出一点乳沟showing a little bit of cleavage

变性undergo a sex change/changed their sex

变性人transsexuals/transsexual people

赞美花小姐的纤腰flattering Hua on her waist size


A noodle shop delivery worker lured a teenager to bed by claiming he could exorcise the evil spirit he claimed was possessing her.


The girl was naked form the waist down, but police said it was not known if she had been sexually assaulted.

不贞、通奸infidelity (n); Infidelity is an act of being unfaithful to your wife, husband etc by having sex with someone else./Paul sometimes suspected her of infidelity./She could not forgive his infidelities.

以虚假借口促使另一人作非法的性行为procure another person for an unlawful sexual act by false pretences


He acknowledges that sex took place but insists it was consensual.

可耻的行为despicable act

打击儿童色情事业fighting the child-sex trade

未成年少女underage girls

未成年越南少女underage Vietnamese girls


The syndicate was attempting to exploit a loophole in the law known as the "one woman/one apartment rule", which allows one sex worker to work on her own.

在内地起诉她的丈夫take her husband to court on the mainland


扯开她的裙子ripped off her dress

使用高科技针孔摄影机using his high-tech pinhole camera

儿童性工作者child-sex workers

儿童性侵犯child-sex abuse

沾有精液的床垫semen-stained mattress

非礼indecent assault (n); Indecent assault is a sexual attack on sb but one that does not include rape.

非礼、性骚扰molest somebody (vt); To molest is to attack or harm someone, especially a child, by touching them in a sexual way or trying to have sex with them.


侮辱、冒犯affront (vt)/(sing); To affront is to offend or insult someone, especially by not showing respect.

为求快感抚摸女性身体、非礼grope(n)/(vt); To grope is to move your hands over someone's body to get sexual pleasure, especially when they do not want you to do this.

涉及儿童色情活动的性旅游child sex tourism

偷拍女朋友的十来岁的女儿洗澡secretly video-taping his girlfriend's teenager daughter showering

偷窥裙底春光peeping up woman's skirt

**rape (n)/(vt)


教女性怎样保护自己teaching women how to protect themselves


脱去女儿内裤removed his daughter's underpants

脱去她的所有衣服removed all her clothing

被迫进行性行为had been pressured into unwanted sex

通奸adultery (u); Adultery is sex between someone who is married and someone who is not their wife or husband./She suspected her husband had committed adultery.

乱伦incest (u)

爱抚caress (n)/(vt); To caress is to gently touch someone in a way that shows you love them./His fingers caressed the back of her neck./ She gave the child a loving caress.

极可耻heinousness/heinous; a heinous crime



鸡奸buggery (u)/sodomy (u); Buggery is anal sex./Sodomy is a sexual act in which a man puts his sex organ into someone's anus, especially that of another man.


触摸她的私处touched her private parts



一比九十九消毒漂白水disinfectant bleach and water used in a 1:99 ratio/1:99 bleach-and-water solution

一只死猪a dead pig

一种致癌化学物a cancer-causing chemical


Busy streets will be hosed every other day instead of weekly.



女厕the Ladies

小贩管理队hawker control forces


Samples of the questionable scallops have been taken.




Poor maintenance of public facilities can have disastrous health implications.


公众卫生及市政条例Public Health and Municipal Services Ordinance

公厕communal toilets/public loo/public toilet/public convenience

世界禁烟日World No Tobacco Day

以盐水浸四季豆30分钟,以洗去残余农药soak string beans in salted water for at least 30 minutes to dilute any residual pesticides

加强消毒step up disinfection

平均预期寿命life expectancy


生和熟的食物交叉污染cross-contamination between raw and cooked food

全城清洁策划小组Team Clean

在公众卫生方面造成灾难create a public health disaster

在公园晾晒寝具和衣服sun their bedding and clothes in public parks

在屋苑的公众地方晾晒衣物/晾衫drying clothes in estates' public areas

有食物中毒迹象show food-poisoning symptoms


旱厕aqua privies


冲厕flush the toilet

男厕the Gents

走入一条旺角后巷小解popped into a Mongkok back lane to relieve themselves

巡查surveillance tests


Some of these things may reduce our life expectancy.

受污染内脏contaminated internal organs

呼吁政府进行多些突击检查urged the Government to launch more raids


Rat poison has been laid at all of them.


注重个人卫生pay attention to personal hygiene

保健政策health-care policy

保障公众健康protect public health

是各种微生物滋生的温床are breeding grounds for all sorts of microbes

洗手盆wash basins

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