Ѽ͢ Braised Duck Kidney and Last Gullet
ѼտĢ Braised Duck Kidney with Mushroom
ħѼ Braised Duck with Noxious Dasheen
аѼ Braised Duck with Scallion
Ѽ braised duck with soy sauce
Ѽ Braised Duck with Taro
ʹѼ Braised Ducks Webs with Fresh Mushroom
ȹ Braised Edge of Soft-Shelled Turtle with Brown Sauce
Braised Eel
Braised Eel with Brown Sauce
Braised Egg plant
Ž Braised Eggs
Braised Fillet Like Phoenix
װͨ Braised Fin in White Gravy
«۳ Braised Fin like Peel of Botle Gourd
պʳ Braised Fin with Crab Yolk
ɰͷ Braised Fish Head in Marmite
Braised Fish Head with Three Mushrooms
Braised Fish with Hot Bean Sauce
Braised Fish with Preserved Vegetable
ı Braised Four-Treasures
Ģ Braised Fresh Mushroom with Balsam
ʱ Braised Fresh Scallop Like Lotus Seed Pod
Braised Gensing and Medlar with Chinese Forest Frog
׹Ѽ Braised Gingko and Duck
Braised Goose Web with Champignon
ջˮ Braised Grass Carp Tail with Brown Sauce
ˮ Braised Grass Carp with Dry Chilli
ذ Braised Grassleaf Daylily
ļ Braised Green Bean
ǰһҳ һҳ