С Fried Bean Sprout with Preserved Vegetable
ͷ Fried Bean Stem
ըţ⴮ Fried Beef Shashlik
ţƬ Fried Beef Slices
ƻţƬ Fried Beef Slices with Apple
ཷţ˿ Fried Beef Slices with Green Pepper
ţ Fried Beef Steak
ըţ Fried Beef Steak
«ţ Fried Beef with Asparagus
۲˳ţ Fried Beef with Celery
ƹϳţ Fried Beef with Cucumber
ţ Fried Beef with Curry
гţ Fried Beef with Egg and Potato
Fried Bitter Mellon with Lobster Sauce and Hot Chili
Fried Bork Fillet
׳ާ Fried Brake with Shrimp Meat
ʽ⽷ţ Fried Bullfrog with Hot Pepper
ײ Fried Cabbage
˿ Fried Cactus with Shredded Chicken
ţ Fried Cattle Muscle
۲ Fried Celery
ʷ Fried Celery with Three Delicacies
˿Ҷ Fried Centifolious Stomach with Yulan
См Fried Chick
ƤըӼ룩 Fried Chicken Half
ͼ Fried Chicken and Scallions
Fried Chicken Brain
Fried Chicken Breast
ʷצ Fried Chicken Claw with Oyster Oil
ը Fried Chicken Delicacies with Sweet and Sour
ǰһҳ һҳ