ըı Fried Four-Delicacies
νʱ Fried Fresh Scallop with Goose Liver Jam
Fried Fresh Shellfish with Brassica
ըF Fried Frog Leg
Fried Frog Leg with Garlic
ӣ Fried Frog with Curry
ʿƬ Fried Garlic Slices with Custard Powder
Fried Garlic with Salted Duck Eggs
Ƥը Fried Goose with Seasoned Orange Peel
֭Ƭ Fried Grass Carp Slices with Tomato Sauce
Fried Grass Carp with Eight-Treasures
Ƥ⽷ Fried Hot Chili
շ Fried Hump
˿շ Fried Hump with Five Slices
Ѻ Fried Jellyfish with Tomato
ƶ¹ Fried Jibi Mushroom with Bean Sauce
Աⶹ Fried Kidney Bean
ĩļ Fried Kidney Bean with Minced Pork
ɳ Fried Ladybell
Ϻѹ͢ Fried Last Gullet with Shrimp
²˺ Fried Leeks with Eggs
ʨͷ Fried Lion Head in Brown Sauce
ϳμ Fried Liver with Bitter Melon
͸Ƭ Fried Liver with Pig Oil
ըﵰ Fried Longfeng Egg
ź Fried Lotus Root Pie
ը Fried Mandarin
Fried Mandarin Fish Granule with Pine Nut
Fried Mandarin Fish in Bamboo Shade
Fried Mandarin Fish with Dried Chilli and Shallot
ǰһҳ һҳ