ը Fried Marrow Roll
IJ Fried Mater Convolvulus
н˿ Fried Meat Slice with Ginger
ݲĩ Fried Minced Pork with Pickled Cabbage
̫ Fried Mingtai Fish
֭⸬ Fried Muscle with Fruit Juice
㳴㹽 Fried Mushrooms with Anchovy
ݱ Fried Mussel
б Fried Mutton with Shallot
ը Fried Noodle with Soy Bean Paste
Fried Octopus
մ󱫳 Fried Ormer Fin in Brown Sauce
˳ƽ Fried Oyster Mushroom
ը Fried Oysters
Fried Pea Nip
ۻ fried peanuts
ը fried peanuts
ը fried peanuts
ըϺ Fried Pearl Shrimps
ջ Fried Perch with Chrysanthemum
ɽ˰ Fried Pheasant with Four delicacies
Ƭ Fried Pig Belly with Green Pepper
Fried Pig Chop
ţ򳴶˿ Fried Pig Tripe with Burdock
μ Fried Pig Liver Slices
׸ Fried Pigeon
ըY Fried Pork
հ Fried Pork
ը Fried Pork
ըŹ Fried Pork Chop
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