Fried Sliced Pheasant Breast with Brake
˿ Fried Sliced Pork
Ƥ Fried sliced pork Lapi
Ų Fried South Preserved Beancurd
ƶʲ Fried Soybean with Assorted Meats
Fried Spareribs with Mashed Pine Nut
ըȸ Fried Sparrow
ʯ߼ Fried Spot Meat Nip
ըӼ Fried Spring Chicken
ը Fried Squid
Fried Squid Roll
˿ Fried Squid Sliced with Leek
ţС Fried Steak with Caraway
Fried Stewed Bitter Gourd with Pork
Fried Stuffed Champignons
Ϻţ⳴ͨ Fried Swamp Cabbage with Beef and Shrimp Sauce
۶Ƭ Fried Sweeten Beans and Grass Carp
ͷ Fried Taro with Scallion
Fried Three Cracking
Fried Three Flavour
ն Fried Tofu
ն Fried Tofu w/ Tender Green
ľ Fried Tomato and Eeg
Fried Tomato Slices
ʲ Fried Tomato with Multiple Seasoning
Ϻ˿ Fried Towel Gourd with Shrimps
ơƴբз Fried Water Crab Meat
ƤY Fried Watermelon Skin with Pork
ը Fried Well-Done Dog Meat
Fried West Celery with Liver
ǰһҳ һҳ