˱ Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Eight-Treasure
յ Gold Calix Tricholoma Matsutake
ΰ Gold Chive Geoduck
֦Ƭ Gold Chive Squid
Ϸ Gold Fish Playing Lotus
˿֥齶 Gold Sesame Banana
ȸ Gold Sparrow Tongue
˿з Gold Thread Crab
˿ Gold Thread Porridge
ƽ𶹸 Golden Bean Curd
Golden Cake
ƽ Golden Roll
Gongbao Sauce
Gongde Bean Curd
ȷν Goose Liver Jam
ɳ Goose Liver Salad
Grape Shape Fish
Grapefruit Salmon
˶㸹 Grass Carp Accompanied by Cherry
۳ Grass Carp in Shape of Boat
ܼ룩 Green Onion Chicken Half
Green Pepper and Meat Pie
ţ Green Pepper Beef w/ Black Bean Sauce
決« Grilled Asparagus with Butter and Cheese
ţ Grilled Beef
ʯţ Grilled Beef on Little Agalmatolite Blank
ţ Grilled Beef Steak
֭ײ Grilled Cabbage with Milk
ζἦ⴮ Grilled Chicken Meat and Shallot
ǰһҳ һҳ