ٺϼ˿ Lily Chicken Slices
ٺ뵰 Lily, Dried Persimmon and Pigeon Soup
֦Ϻ Litchi Shrimp Balls
ĥСϺ Little Prawn
𼦸 Livers
Loach Entered into Bean Curd
Ϻ Lobster Noodle
Ϻ Lobster Teriyaki Noodle
ղ Longan Shap Pickled Cabbage
Ϻ Longan Shrimp
Ҷ Longevity Peach Bean Curd
Longfeng Grape Pearl
Longjing Tea Abalone
˹ Loquat Dog Meat
Lotus Chicken Cake
ܽ Lotus Crucian Carp
ܽ¹β Lotus Deer Tail
Lotus Fish Mash
ľ Lotus Hibiscus Papaw
Ҷ Lotus Leaf and White Gourd Soup
Ҷ Lotus Leaf Chicken
Ҷ Lotus Leaf Harrow
ܽشϺ Lotus Prawn
ź Lotus Root and Trotter Soup
ź˿ Lotus Root Slices Thick Soup
Lotus Seed in Date
˿ Lotus Seeds in Hot Toffee
Lover Bean Curd Slice
ϲ Lucky Soup in Bridal Chamber
ʦѡ Luncheon Special
ǰһҳ һҳ