ͷ Braised Crucian Tongue δ
зƤ Crab and Jellyfish Skin δ
Oysters in Lard Net δ
ı Braised Four-Treasures δ
Ƥ Crisp Roll δ
֥齴Ƭ Mixed Kidney with Sesame Sauce δ
Stewed Shad δ
Fried Chicken Brain δ
ܽ Lotus Crucian Carp δ
ʨͷ Fried Lion Head in Brown Sauce δ
ɫè Three-Color Cat Ears δ
罷ͷ Chilli Fish Head δ
Ѫ Fried Sheep Blood with Cayenne Pepper δ
ˮƬ Boiled Pig Meat Slice δ
Braised Winter Melon δ
Braised Chestnuts with Mushroom δ
˿ײ Braised Cabbage with Three Shredded Ingredients δ
Bean Curd Like Pearl δ
ͷ Fried Taro with Scallion δ
Ƥ⽷ Fried Hot Chili δ
ĢDz Braised Heart of Cabbage with Mushroom δ
غ Three Vegetables Like Sea Cucumber δ
ʽѶ Diced Eggplant in France Style δ
Ž Braised Eggs δ
װľ Braised White Mallbar Nightshade with Shrimps δ
ƶ Soybean Chicken Soup δ
˴Ϻ Braised Prawns δ
ȫ Whole Seep δ
Steamed Dried Sheep Meat with Curry δ